Community Centric Fundraising's 10 Principles

One of our nonprofit partners sent us this lovely set of fundraising principles for the nonprofit sector:

I would love to hear the Community’s thoughts on these and ideas on how we might be able to promote these principles through!

  1. Fundraising must be grounded in race, equity, and social justice.
  2. Individual organizational missions are not as important as the collective community.
  3. Nonprofits are generous with and mutually supportive of one another.
  4. All who engage in strengthening the community are equally valued, whether volunteer, staff, donor, or board member.
  5. Time is valued equally as money.
  6. We treat donors as partners, and this means that we are transparent, assume the best intentions, and occasionally have difficult conversations.
  7. We foster a sense of belonging, not othering.
  8. We promote the understanding that everyone (donors, staff, funders, board members, volunteers) personally benefits from engaging in the work of social justice – it’s not just charity and compassion.
  9. We see the work of social justice as holistic and transformative, not transactional.
  10. We recognize that healing and liberation requires a commitment to economic justice.

I think we’re putting emphasis on #2 through the cause pages like Racial Justice, but we will need to grow the number of causes to encompass the variety of collectives out there.