Events, search autocomplete, and more!

Hi Community! We’re planning on using this space to have more regular communication to people on specific updates we’re making to the site.

Here are some of the major updates we’ve had recently!

:sparkles: Search autocomplete

The search bar will now autocomplete as you type, hopefully making it more useful as your hub for finding specific nonprofits, users, and causes on!

:sparkles: Events

Many nonprofits have had to shift their fundraising events online due to the pandemic. is providing a virtual fundraising event platform free to nonprofits, complete with live chat and survey features! Our first event is today (October 1st, 2020) with San Diego Architectural Foundation’s Orchids&Onions.

:wrench: Update recurring donations

You can now update your recurring donations without having to cancel and recreate them! Go to your My Giving page, under the Recurring tab and click “Update”.

:wrench: Link logins

You can now link your Google and Facebook accounts so that you can log in with one click!

When you login using the “Continue with Google” button, you will be prompted to link your account matching the same verified email address. You can link your Facebook account from your Settings.

What are your thoughts about these features? What feature are you really itching for? Please leave thoughts and feedback below! :smile:


I like the serviceability aspect for updating recurring donations. Will an email get sent if a nonprofit we’ve supported in the past chooses to host an Event? Curious how I would get notified or if there was a central calendar?

Ooooh great point!

For this first event we did not really advertize is, the only way to find out about it was if it appeared in your home feed on the site and you visited at the right time. With that approach, we saw that 487 of everyone who attended was invited directly by the event organizer and 49 people discovered it because of Very cool idea to have some central calendar once we have more events so that they are easier to discover, and in the meantime we will be sure to start posting them in the General forum here!

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Oh cool. Thanks Mark for breaking it down.