Every donation is a campaign!

We want to help people easily support nonprofits with their voice along with their donations, so we built out a “campaign page” for every donation on Every.org.

Clicking on share on your donation will lead to a page like this: https://www.every.org/@timferriss/MAPS​

Now, once at least 3 people join the donation, a fundraising thermometer will show up showing the total amount raised, in order to help motivate people to give by setting goals.

Note this shows the total that the original supporter influenced overall— including people who joined the people who joined you, to emphasize the ripple effect of giving!

We’re hoping this motivates people to share out their donations and for others to join. What are your thoughts?


My birthday’s coming up, and I’d like to raise money for a charity to celebrate. Haven’t picked which one yet, but I’m excited to try this out and see how people respond!