No End To Love's Family in Kenya suffered a loss on Thursday!

My associates in Kenya are just like family! On Thursday my dear friend Zealot, a gentle giant of a man did not survive an elephant attack while at work. The news of his death took my breath away!

He was just leaving staff quarters at the Safari Camp where he worked as a chef, to go to the main office to receive his orders for the day. He had just finished serving breakfast to the staff and was walking with three other employees when they encountered a mother elephant with her baby. The mother found the situation threatening for some reason and attacked. The others were able to run but Zealot did not manage to run fast enough. He will be missed dearly.

Zealot took such good care of me while I was staying in Olokeri. He brought me a basin of hot bath water each morning along with a thermos of hot chocolate. He assisted in preparation of all the meals that were served while I was there. He made sure that all my needs were met.

I was suppose to visit his village while I was there. I became ill the day the trip was planned and was unable to go. I thought I would be able to do it the next time I went to Kenya. I will make that trip but I will not be greeted by my friend but by his widow and young children who he has left to continue on without him.

Please assist me in honoring the memory of my dear friend Zealot by donating to the Education Fund we are setting up for his young children. The education of the children will be the biggest challenge his wife will face as she moves forward on this journey without her beloved husband by her side. All new donations to No End To Love received over the next few weeks will go towards educating Zealot’s 5 children who are in school. His 9 children range in age from 2-27. Two are married, one is too young for school, one has passed away and four are in Primary school and one is entering Secondary School next term. The goal is $1000 to cover the costs of the next term starting May 9, 2021. If you can please donate and share at
Thanks in advance! Through small actions by many great things are accomplished!

Thank you @kenny for joining my donation! Zealot’s children accept it with deep gratitude. Margaret

Thank you @sabrina for joining my donation and honoring Zealot! Zealot’s wife and children will be very grateful. With gratitude, Margaret