Planning to create a birthday fundraiser - any tips?

Hey all, my birthday is coming up (woohoo more gray hairs!) :wink: haha and I think I’d like to celebrate by raising donations for a nonprofit using our new campaign pages! I’ve actually never run a birthday fundraiser before - does anyone have any tips for doing so?

Do I start it on the day of the birthday and only do it for one day, or do I run it for some time before / after?
What are the best ways of getting the word out? I’m thinking Facebook and email as well as some direct asks via various messaging channels.
My friends are scattered over several different cities that I’ve lived in - will people respond better to a local ask (i.e. local foodbank) or a nonprofit that covers a broader area (Feeding America)?

Thank you for any thoughts y’all have :slight_smile:


A friend of mine runs a Facebook fundraising campaign each year.

She runs it for about a week and sets a low goal, about $500 or $700. What makes its “fun” in the past is that she says thank you to everyone on social media with a gif and a personal note about each person.

She’s been consistent in supporting this one nonprofit every year so I associate it with her as well as the fun thank you gif. In her post to start the campaign off, she also shares some information about the organizations’ effectiveness or impact/ what makes it unique. Which I think helps.

I attached some images to show what makes her thank you gifs so special.


Hi Delany, thanks for sharing, that’s such a fun format! I love that she’s been so regular with it over the years that you associate the nonprofit with her now as well.

I’ll definitely make sure to share a private thank you to everyone that supports the fundraiser since we don’t have a way for me to acknowledge folks that join my donation beyond a like for now.

It’d be kind of fun if we let the nonprofit add a GIF to the last page of donation flow on :laughing:

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I love this! I was also thinking of ways I could celebrate for my birthday and I love how your friend sends out gifs as a thank you. They speak my language :rofl:

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Yeah, she’s does it on Facebook. @rahul that was the platform context I was talking about. I wouldn’t expect something like that from I associate the platform as being nonprofit focused and clean.