School Year in Kenya starts in July in 2021! Covid messed with everything!

No End To Love’s 32 elementary and secondary students will start school - 1st Term of 2021 in just two weeks. (Due to making up two terms of 2020 missed because of Covid. A 4th term has been added to the usual 3 terms in both 2021 and 2022 to play catch up.) With only two weeks to go we are still shy $1200 to meet all our obligations. And we have yet to raise any of the funds needed for the 4th Term. The 4th term will require an additional $2500 in October.

The funding ran out early this year because we expanded our student base by 9 students. No End To Love is now sponsoring 34 students. We have added 4 students plus Zealot’s 5 students to our roster for a total of 9 new students since January 2021. You may recall that Zealot died in an elephant attack on his way to work in April. We are still seeking sponsors for Zealot’s children to continue their education. Four of his children are in Primary school, Sankale and Kiserian in Day School and Lelian and Resian in Primary Boarding School. Retoe starts Secondary School in July. We raised enough money in April to pay for the May term for the 4 Primary age students. Retoe who starts Secondary in July did not have school in May due to exams and the odd school calendar this year. Enough was raised to pay for Retoe’s first term of Secondary School and her shopping but there will be ongoing needs for future schooling for all the children.

As I mentioned above the Kenya’s Ministry of Education added a 4th term to 2021 and 2022 in order to make up for the two terms missed in 2020 because of Covid-19. (Three terms per year will happen again in 2023.) This decision came to our attention after budgeting for the costs of sponsoring our students. This extra term and our new students adds approximately $2500 to our costs for school fees in 2021 and 2022.

Consider making a monthly donation or sponsor a student to give the gift of education to students in Kenya. The costs of sponsoring students at different levels is listed below.

Costs of School Fees

  • Primary School
    $180/year to $360/year or $15/month to $30/month.

  • Secondary School
    $360/year to $840/year or $30/month to $75/month.

  • School Fees may be paid monthly, by the term or by the year.

  • Costs vary depending on the term and the school.*

Sponsorships are available for students from nursery school to secondary school.

Zealot’s Widow with her pre-school son and her school age children.

Joshua Morijoi, 16, needs a sponsor. Joshua did very well on his final Grade 8 National Exams and has been accepted into Oloomirani Boys High School, one of the top Secondary Schools in Narok County. It builds leadership in the students by giving them leadership positions. It is well known for hosting inter-school Mathematics contests. We are excited for Joshua’s opportunities at Oloomirani Boys High School which is known for students performing well on their exams at the end of Secondary School. Joshua has demonstrated he is a serious student willing to study and work hard.

-Secondary School Sponsorship is a long term commitment but one well worth it!
-Secondary School is four years or 12 terms.
-Secondary School sponsorship includes two parts.

  1. Initial Shopping & Uniforms - At the beginning of Secondary School an initial expenditure for personal needs such as uniforms, mattresses, bedding, locker box, and other personal items for use at school is needed. Expenses vary per school but experience tells us the expenses generally total about $300*. Once a year, usually in January, students need new uniforms at a cost of $50* per student.

  2. School Fees - Joshua’s fees in 2021 are $775*/80600 Kenyan shillings or $65* a month.

Fees for his first term beginning in August are $275*/28600 Kenyan shillings. The first term is usually the most expensive for the year. Fees may be paid monthly, by the term or yearly.

*Exact dollar amounts may vary if exchange rates go up or down significantly.

Thank you for your support for No End To Love’s mission of Self Reliance. Education is one of the keys.