See your impact through the new "Joins" tab


I am excited to announce that now you will be able to see a “Joins” tab on users’ profiles that shows the donations of all of the people the user influenced on
This includes donations from people you invited or that joined your donations. See for an example.

Did you notice that we combined the “Causes” tab into “Likes” too? :thinking:

If you see an ⓘ, you can hover/tap to see why the card is being displayed:

We’re hoping to really highlight the ripple effect of generosity with this change.

One last thing: remember that you can invite people too and spread generosity!
Just head over to to get your own invite link.

As always, let us know what you think.


I love this feature! Makes me feel ~~influential~~

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Thank you for explaining Joins @Santiago, I was curious about that.

For “Likes” what it causes where kept at the top and the cards followed? That way someone could see what categories someone they followed liked at the top instead of scrolling to the bottom. User experience idea, not sure if it’s feasible on the back-side of things.


Thanks for the feedback! Sounds good to have an initial overview of the user’s main focus.
We will look into it.

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@delany.bisbee we updated the Likes tab to show your favorite Causes at the very top, the change is now in production - thank you for improving! Let us know what you think and any other ideas for improvement :slight_smile:

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I saw that yesterday, thanks Mark and @Santiago. I gave some feedback to @rahul yesterday during a research interview. If it’s possible I would consider changing the user flow when I click on the “Cause card” to populate with what is implied is going to be shown. In this example, that would be 3 Gifts and 7 Likes under the “Environment Cause” group specific to my page.

What happens however when I click on the “Environment Cause, Discover button” is that the user flow takes me to the entire “Environment Cause” group. All nonprofits that have been tagged.

The context of being on someones page - say if I was looking at Molly Norton’s page when she signs up - I would expect to see the nonprofits she has liked or gifted to that are specific to the environment because I’m browsing/ searching through her page.


Another example is Garrett Camps page. If I wanted to search through his “Education Cause card” (this it’s also missing) to discover what STEM nonprofits he supports as I can tell from his gifts that STEM education and coding is something he cares about, as of right now, I wouldn’t be able to.

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I’ll be taking a break from unless you all are hiring for a Design Researcher and Strategist. I have to get back to the job search and allocating my time there.