Simplify your giving decision with portfolios

We’d love your thoughts on this new feature that’s in beta on

People sometimes want to give to a cause but want the help of experts to determine which nonprofit is the most effective. There are also other nonprofits, such as community foundations, that try to identify impactful nonprofits in specific areas.

Portfolios on simplify where to give by delegating the money to the creator for where the money should ultimately go. You might think of it as mutual funds for nonprofits.

We recently launched two portfolios with Founders Pledge: The Global Health and Development Fund and The Climate Change Fund. The nonprofits in these portfolios are curated by their researchers. Read more about their methodology in the “Learn more” tab or this blog post.

Other examples:

Pass It Along is a portfolio by the California Community Foundation which operates in the Los Angeles area.

We’re also exploring portfolios by individuals like this one: Everybody Votes!

Let us know what you think— about the feature, the designs, or if you would like to create one yourself!


@franceska.rolda wrote a blog post about this feature here:


I love this idea. It simplifies effective giving. As far as I know is actually the only way to contribute to the Founders Pledge portfolios for someone not being an entrepreneur (which makes it difficult to join Founders Pledge directly).

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Update - the expert impact researchers at Founders Pledge just added 3 new portfolios! Now at there is a Global Education Fund, Animal Welfare Fund, and Science & Technology Fund!

Nice knowing that my monthly donations to these funds will be continuously optimized by Founders Pledge so the money always goes wherever their research has identified the greatest need and highest potential impact.