Volunteer opportunity: Contribute a blog post!

We have a blog at https://blog.every.org, and would love for you all to contribute to it! The goal is to open up more conversations and thoughts around giving and the nonprofit space, and hopefully motivate people to delve deeper into giving. Whether you’re a giver, a volunteer, an employee at a nonprofit, a beneficiary— we would love your thoughts.

We can kick around potential ideas on this thread, and if you don’t write it, maybe someone else would. :slight_smile:

Broadly, we are trying to build:

  • Content geared toward nonprofits (might be technical tips like SEO, mission statements)
  • Content geared toward givers (tips on how to go further in their giving journey, personal journeys, find/share their values/causes)
  • Content about Every.org

Some more specific topic ideas to start us off:

  • Why a cause matters / history of a cause
  • Research about a cause area and latest solutions
  • Your personal giving journey (I posted one here)
  • How to be an ally for others?
  • Deep dive/story about a specific nonprofit
  • What is community-centered fundraising?
  • What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Resources on ethical consumption

Please drop your ideas here and let me know if you’re interested in writing!

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  • 7 Tips on How to Organize your Giving Strategy

  • I asked 50 Children Across the US what keeps them up at night. Learn how you can help.
    (can be 50 farmers, 50 artists, 50 doctors)

  • How donating benefited my mental wellbeing and sense of purpose, and why you should start today too


These are amazing ideas!! Thanks Tiffany!

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I would be more than happy to volunteer and write a blog post some time! Let me know!


Yeah! Feel free to claim what you want to write about, but honestly a blog post about how Every.org influenced/changed your giving would be amazing too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We can also bounce ideas back and forth on the forums so people can jump in with feedback if they want?