Volunteer opportunity: Contribute to our open-source donate button!

Hi all, Omar Head of Engineering here.

We just open-sourced a donation button and widget, available for any nonprofit to embed, to encourage supports to give monthly (or one-time).

We welcome anyone interested in software development to come help us make it the best donate button out there! Please open issues, pull requests, or feedback in our repo. It uses Preact (similar to React) and Javascript.

The button was designed and developed in collaboration with our friends Ed, Jake, Oliver, and Mica at P22 Studio, who graciously donated their time to build this project out. (Jake also works at a nonprofit called Great Barrier Reef Legacy!) See a demo at https://every-month.vercel.app/ and live at ffungi.org.

If you/your nonprofit would like to add this button to their site, but don’t have engineers to add it, please contact us at [email protected] and we’re happy to help you out!