Volunteer opportunity: Start a cause page!

We have a few big overarching causes on Every.org, and we assign nonprofits to them based on their NTEE code. (Sometimes they’re quite inaccurate, so if it’s wrong, it’d be awesome if you can “Suggest edit” in the “Learn more” section of their profile— thanks in advance!)

We also created sub-causes within the top 9:

Causes like Coronavirus and Racial Justice help people discover nonprofits that are aligned with their values.

For example, @delany.bisbee is creating a cause page for US Veterans, with nonprofits like EOD Warrior Foundation.

We would welcome help from any volunteers to create a cause page! Feel free to post here to claim a cause area and create a list (with links to their Every.org profile if possible), or message me or email me at [email protected]!