Where do/did you volunteer at?

Would love to hear people’s volunteering stories!

When I was working at Snapchat in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, we had a lot of volunteering opportunities with local, small nonprofits. One was St. Joseph Center’s Codetalk program, which is a web tech job training program for low income/underemployed/underserved women. I had the opportunity to talk to several cohorts of inspiring women who were working hard to shape their lives.

When I worked at Clever I mentored middle school students as a part of the Spark program, being their guide in making a hands-on science project every week to show them what it’s like to make things. I also volunteered for political groups in the Bay Area to push for solutions to make housing more affordable and transportation more robust - I believe the built environment and infrastructure strongly influences the equity of opportunity in American cities. When I was younger I also volunteered weekly at the local soup kitchen.

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